Saturday, June 13, 2020


ABS-CBN got can, on getting renewal on franchise because of multiple offenses on there Company.
(Ibig sabihin na marami na sila batas or problema sa governo hindi nila sinasabi sa public)
Even the deny of getting franchise ABS-CBN to move there channel on  a different name(JEEPNEY CHANNEL or TV) this show there willing to go another platform to get multiple accuse be stable and new normal.

(Gusto nila matapos na problema crisis na handle nila. wala nila isip na maraming problem din ABS-CBN transfer sa kanilang channel. Hindi lahat channel kukuha sa frequency nila dahil wala old antena ang TV PLUS lamang maka kuha signal)

Not all frequency can be transmitted on antenna only the TV-Plus they have can transmit there channel that they have created.

More so Happy there back and ready Service Filipino people.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Why is Filipino love duterte

From the point of view(FILIPINO). Filipino has struggled so much that from the 1st world country on Asia to 3rth world country today. We have asked that is it government all corruption doing this or just miss manage money issues.

The Video explains, Why are rich people get away on loaning and not paying dept to there bank. The video shows the record on loaning  1.6Billion pesos bank. And how media analyze the cover-up this news.

Even Duterte did manage to do bad things. He manages to correct the misleading and wrongdoing of the Philippines.

I do agree DDS(Duterte Supporters) wants to support and fight against haters on Duterte.

- Duterte campaign against DRUGS
- Duterte remove corruption on this country
- Duterte action on people need health care etc.

Filipino seeing results on his term being PRESIDENT in the Philippines.
Filipino Do love and trash-talk about his haters doing his job. From that process, he manages to capture the heart of Filipino.

See the full video to getting IDEA what kind of Person is Duterte.

Monday, June 1, 2020

COVID-19 Paano maiwasan ang sakit at virus.

TIPS tricks paano maiwasan ang sakit sa covid.

Dapat lang tayu mag-distansya sa mga tao. para ma iwasan. 1meter away( 1 metro). Araw-araw mo gagawin to ma iwasan problema sa covid. Wag mag panic lahat nang information para ma iwasan covid nasa youtube  maraming tutorial inforamtion binibigay sa tao.

Wag-ma stress or matakut mag tanong sa doctor at experto para ma laman ninyu ano dawat gawin.


Palagi mag hugas nang kamay, dapat araw-araw mo gagawin yung pag hugas para ma iwasan talaga Covid, Public area na meron kayu biyahi dapat iwasan ninyu ang paghipo sa public place.

Palagi mag-ingat sa mga lugar na hinipuhan ninyu.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


PLDT got played by Twitter?

As the PLDT got hack next is GLOBE they only plan doing this just make them release the slow coverage on their internet service. COVID Criss massacring people affected and died on the crisis. The hacker stated "As the Pandemic arises, Filipino need fast internet to communicate with their loved ones. Do you're job.  Corruption fears us. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Except us."

Changing Twitter name PLDT doesn't care, This is just an eye-opening happened on this COVID-19 crisis.
Security of wifi network problem by the system. PLDT needs a change strategy and provides faster and more advanced technology so we can't complain about our network sh*t the service.

Do expect they are going hit GLOBE for there service and overpriced billing and hidden bills and payment.
Be transparent don't process with greed.

Filipino help each other not Fighting for the top.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020



Lopez owes a lot to PRESIDENT Marcos
Because Marcos did everything to grow The ABS-CBN station back then.
But as It grew it was all taken up and Lopez claimed
The station came out and Marcos was still bad.

Marcos plans to take back the station because it is big
He contributed to it but He could not do it.
He has done evil to the people, poisoned The mind of many who believe in false righteousness.

During Marcos martial law Lopez was imprisoned and included The Aquino.
But in a nutshell, Lopez fled and went overseas and DIDN'T.

When President Marcos died
Aquino immediately sat down with Lopez's accomplice and Lopez immediately returned to the Philippines and returned The station, which is now watched by many.

Aquino's sit-down What happened at the ABS-CBN station, however, was immediately given to the people by Lang.
If  Marcos is going to die because of the big and terrible sacrifice he has made at station(ABS-CBN).

When it was restored The station(ABS-CBN) was in complete disarray
The People The station(ABS-CBN) and the Marcos's made you despicable.
They made the president Marcos look bad,
And made Aquino a saint.

Extraordinary Interest The Marcos's then because
Lopez and Aquino hold The Station(ABS-CBN) reported all over the Philippines(Area), They Reveal What Happens So The mindset of many is also poisoned because It's The One they hear and see on tv.

In fact, Marcos has done a lot in the country now claimed by the Aquinos and drawn to foreigners.

Now that The Truth has come out
And the Aquinos can no longer carry or prevent the people from deceiving them.

Now they have been SHUTDOWN for over 5 years OF THE NO renewal of their franchise because they thought they were just going to ridicule The Rated ADMINISTRATION NOW.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How to Shake it to win it, Tutorial para manalo kanang 50,000(How to win Shopee shake it win it.)

All about tutorial to join shake it on shopee store. Panuorin mo video para makita full details at tips paano manalo sa shopee prize. The more you shake the more win:

How to Make chance rate high at Shopee Shake it win it grand prize 50,000.00

The Tutorial is about getting information on winning or joining on Shopee shake it promo.
there are so many ways to win but still, This tutorial say way to undestand the process and techniques 

Proper way to join/steps.
  1. . Install on App Shopee located at App store or google play store.
  2.  After finishing installing your shopee app go to home/Me at the app click it and 
  3. Go setting and input your number on information below.
  4.  Your done. Now go to menu and wait at 6pm at philippine time so you can join the wowowin show.
  5. Click the logo/icon 50,000 shake it win it. then try shake your phone

Optional tip winning more coins.

  1. Install the app Shake on/off (you can find it at google store or any app store)
  2. Now try to set up the sensitivity max so you can get shake price much higher.
This tip work other phone maybe your phone wont work but still its a start.

I hope you enjoy this video so can make more article about how to join on this kind of event.

Shake it to win it!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Paano manalo sa Wowowin 10,000-50,000

Tutorial Blog para manalo sa Wowowin.
(tutorial blog for winning on Wowowin)

How to join.(paano sumali)

  1. Dapat Like/subscribe mo page/channel.(Most Like/subscribe the page/channel.
    Example : fanpage/ youtube channel nila.
  2. Dapat punta ka fanpage kuya, message mo information. para ma contact ka(Most go to fanpage Willie(wowowin)  to message him, the information that is need to contact you).
  3. Tandaan dapat mo lagay information sa fanpage message hindi sa comment section(Remember alway put  the information on the fanpage message not on the comment section)
  4. Maghintay tawag ni kuya willie para manalo 10,000-50,000 prize.(Always wait for call of Wowowin, so that you can win 10,000-50,000 prize.

Tips para mataas chance mo manalo.(Tips to make your chance high)

Always message willie(Wowowin) on picture so that your information will be seen by him..
Para makita yung message mo kuya willie lagay mo .

Video for tutorial