Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How to Shake it to win it, Tutorial para manalo kanang 50,000(How to win Shopee shake it win it.)

All about tutorial to join shake it on shopee store. Panuorin mo video para makita full details at tips paano manalo sa shopee prize. The more you shake the more win:

How to Make chance rate high at Shopee Shake it win it grand prize 50,000.00

The Tutorial is about getting information on winning or joining on Shopee shake it promo.
there are so many ways to win but still, This tutorial say way to undestand the process and techniques 

Proper way to join/steps.
  1. . Install on App Shopee located at App store or google play store.
  2.  After finishing installing your shopee app go to home/Me at the app click it and 
  3. Go setting and input your number on information below.
  4.  Your done. Now go to menu and wait at 6pm at philippine time so you can join the wowowin show.
  5. Click the logo/icon 50,000 shake it win it. then try shake your phone

Optional tip winning more coins.

  1. Install the app Shake on/off (you can find it at google store or any app store)
  2. Now try to set up the sensitivity max so you can get shake price much higher.
This tip work other phone maybe your phone wont work but still its a start.

I hope you enjoy this video so can make more article about how to join on this kind of event.

Shake it to win it!

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