Saturday, June 13, 2020


ABS-CBN got can, on getting renewal on franchise because of multiple offenses on there Company.
(Ibig sabihin na marami na sila batas or problema sa governo hindi nila sinasabi sa public)
Even the deny of getting franchise ABS-CBN to move there channel on  a different name(JEEPNEY CHANNEL or TV) this show there willing to go another platform to get multiple accuse be stable and new normal.

(Gusto nila matapos na problema crisis na handle nila. wala nila isip na maraming problem din ABS-CBN transfer sa kanilang channel. Hindi lahat channel kukuha sa frequency nila dahil wala old antena ang TV PLUS lamang maka kuha signal)

Not all frequency can be transmitted on antenna only the TV-Plus they have can transmit there channel that they have created.

More so Happy there back and ready Service Filipino people.

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