Friday, June 12, 2020

Why is Filipino love duterte

From the point of view(FILIPINO). Filipino has struggled so much that from the 1st world country on Asia to 3rth world country today. We have asked that is it government all corruption doing this or just miss manage money issues.

The Video explains, Why are rich people get away on loaning and not paying dept to there bank. The video shows the record on loaning  1.6Billion pesos bank. And how media analyze the cover-up this news.

Even Duterte did manage to do bad things. He manages to correct the misleading and wrongdoing of the Philippines.

I do agree DDS(Duterte Supporters) wants to support and fight against haters on Duterte.

- Duterte campaign against DRUGS
- Duterte remove corruption on this country
- Duterte action on people need health care etc.

Filipino seeing results on his term being PRESIDENT in the Philippines.
Filipino Do love and trash-talk about his haters doing his job. From that process, he manages to capture the heart of Filipino.

See the full video to getting IDEA what kind of Person is Duterte.

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